What is Practical Shooting?

Practical Shooting is exciting, challenging and one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the World. Courses of fire involve many aspects not found in other shooting disciplines, such as movement by the shooter, drawing from the holster, moving targets, multiple targets and freedom for the shooter to solve problems presented by the course design.

What makes Practical Shooting unique?

The appeal of the sport lies in the diversity of the courses of fire available to the shooter, with ranges from 2 to 50 meters. By offering many different courses of fire, practical shooting continues to challenge competitors to improve their skills in many areas. There’s always something new and unique to challenge the practical pistol shooter.

What is IPSC?

IPSC is the International Practical Shooting Confederation, the worldwide organization for the sport of Practical Shooting, with global representation in over 90 countries or “regions”. IPSC regions are the organizations which promote the sport of practical shooting in their country.
For more information, visit www.ipsc.org

What type of matches does IPSC promote?

IPSC matches are based on the principles of ACCURACY, POWER and SPEED. Participants in IPSC matches develop a higher degree of proficiency in the use of the handgun, as well as providing a great means of recreation.

What kinds of People compete in IPSC matches?

Just as in any other popular sport, you will find virtually all types of people at a practical shooting match. We are also fortunate to have many women involved in our shooting program. All IPSC shooters are believers in SAFE GUN HANDLING and in GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.

Is there a place in IPSC for beginners?

ABSOLUTELY! All of those currently competing were once at the beginner stage.
By becoming active in matches hosted by a IPSC-affiliated club you will have the advantage of professional officiating and safety-conscious range personnel. You will also find that most IPSC shooters are pleased to give you a hand in getting started. IPSC has an international classification system that assures each competitor will be facing competition of an equal skill level. A good way to get started is to ask the club contact at an IPSC-affiliated range for assistance.

Is IPSC Shooting an expensive sport?

As in any other recreational activity, there is virtually no limit to the amount you may spend on firearms and associated equipment. However, all that is required is a reliable handgun, suitable holster, ammunition, eye and ear protection and a big dose of enthusiasm. As your skill level increases, you may wish to advance to other equipment or additional items for competition use.
Expenses can be kept to a minimum for Production Division because very few modifications are permitted to the handgun.